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Vince’s latest offer is Everyone’s an Addict – much more than 366 daily inspirational entries; it gives detailed practical tips on how to tackle addictions from a secular viewpoint. (This means freedom of religion, or non-religion, for all. Readers can choose from either the traditional steps or secular ones.) The proposition is that everyone is an addict of one kind or another. Find out more in the non-fiction section of this website.

Everyone's An Addict Self help 12 steps book

An Atheists Twelve Steps To Self-improvement

An Atheists Unofficial Guide To AA

Secular Twelve Step Books

The two previous books are: An Atheists Twelve Steps to Self-improvement – To accompany any Program; and An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA aiming to help alcoholics.

These books are for atheist and agnostic newcomers to, and followers of, 12 step programs. These programs are designed for people who want to beat problem drinking, drugging, gambling, overeating or sex addiction, to name five examples, but who are put off by the god stuff in the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve steps.

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Writing is the common thread in the life of Vince Hawkins. He wrote little stories in the classroom at age five and hasn’t done much different since. He went to work at 17 and became a financial journalist. By his late 20’s he was writing freelance for the Financial Times and the business pages of The Telegraph, the London Times and the Irish Independent.  His later career included investment analysis for stockbrokers and banks, and magazine editing.

He attended the Open University and did an evening Business Studies course at Northumbria University. His essays shone, but he never stayed the course. He took the practical knowledge he needed and shunned the degrees. Later, he was the managing editor for a company that put out reports on the retail industry.

After renouncing the demon drink he became a self-employed editor of business reports and writer for trade magazines, able to work from anywhere and roam the world. Now he is on a hedonistic journey of authorship and realizing his bucket list ambitions.

He has written a series of books both non-fiction and fiction.

Vince Hawkins author

Trader Bob

Scintillating yet easy-pace crime thriller about a $350 million bank robbery by Trader Bob who then successfully disappears. Will the law; Sandy, his former schoolfriend and the bank owner; or underworld mobsters catch up to him? The chase is on. Charming debut novel by Vince Hawkins. … “The crime is so clever I didn’t know whether to do the crime myself or complete the book.”


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Trader Bob
Vince Hawkins

Trader Bob by Vince Hawkins